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In D2K law firm’s view, an international lawyer shall be a key partner for small and medium-sized companies, start-ups and multinational companies that want to expand internationally.

We assign experienced multilingual counsels with on-the-ground expertise in the targeted foreign countries to advise such of our client-companies.

Faced with the complexity of legal, administrative and tax matters that they have to go through when creating/growing a company in France, clients can easily figure out the pile of laws and rules that regulate France, the targeted foreign country and the international trade.

A D2K international lawyer can handle all legal, social and tax issues related to exporting or setting-up a business abroad, thereby helping entrepreneurs avoid the associated pitfalls. A D2K international lawyer can also assist international clients in the contract negotiation stage on all legal, cultural and linguistic aspects and provide a network of contacts in the local country.

A D2K international lawyer believes that it is crucial to be in direct contact with senior management of the client-company to properly advise the company on their development strategy abroad.

D2K international lawyers can help clients implement their visions and strategies for growing their business abroad, while minimizing risk and maximizing profitability. For example, when establishing a business presence overseas, it is important not to pay tax twice and this can be achieved by using legal mechanisms to avoid such double taxation (e.g. benefiting from tax treaties with overseas trading partners).

At D2K we always bear in mind that our clients are, above all, human beings with their own personal issues and own commitments to their firms.

At D2K we are committed to remain approachable, accessible and affordable. Remember, a D2K lawyer is the legal expert partner of the clients and as such totally dedicated in providing the highest standard of legal services to the clients to help them growing their business.