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Cécile Dekeuwer

Cecile Dekeuwer is a lawyer member of the bars of Paris and Montreal specialized in business law. Her main fields of intervention are corporation law, commercial law, contracts and intellectual property. She also practices commercial litigation. As a former head of Legal department of multinational companies, she founded the company D2K Lawyers to accompany business, especially start-ups, SMEs and mid-caps.

With her international profile, she is sensitive to intercultural impact for business. Thanks to her experience in France, Korea and Canada, she is now determined to transform law into a tool contributing to the international development of business.



Masters in corporate law and taxation (DJCE)

– Startup & Entrepreneurship Program in EM Lyon business school.



– Associate in Berlioz & CO – Paris (2000-2002)

International Business Lawyer in Kim and Chang – South Korea (2002-2004)

– Deputy Director of the French Korean Chamber of Commerce – South Korea (2004)

– Chief Legal Officer of LG Electronics France – Paris (2004-2010)

– Head of Partnership & Acquisition Department of Casino Group – St Etienne (2010-2011)

– Founding member of Lex In It – International Lawyers Grouping (2011)

CEO & Partner of D2K Avocats – Paris (since 2012).

– Founding member & Non-Executive Director of “Europe Energy Efficiency Expertise – 4E” an European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) – Lyon (since 2014)



Inter-pacific bar association (IPBA)

– International commission of bar of Lyon (CIBLY) – Head of Asia Group

Business Legal counselor association (AFJE)

– Think tank Fabrique de l’Exportation

Opérateurs spécialisés dans le commerce international (OSCI)

Business and Professional Woman (President & Founder in Rhône-Alpes)

French Institute of Non-Executive Director (IFA)

– Law teacher at ISEG and Entrepreneurs TV

Intercultural Trainer at Prepasia (since 2008)



International business law, corporate and contract law

Countries: France – Korea – Canada – Germany



French, English, German, Korean.

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Cecile Dekeuwer started her career in Paris at Berlioz & Co law firm. It was the starting point of her experience as a legal counselor for SME’s and Mid-Caps especially in the field of international commercial litigation.


Then she moved to South Korea to work for Kim & Chang Law Firm. She gained significant experiences in international corporation law, tax law, commercial law for French listed companies of CAC40 and PME in South Korea. Daily she practiced contract negotiations, international tax law, business creation, acquisition, equity, joint venture, intellectual property, international litigation and arbitration. She also became Deputy Director of the Franco-Korean Chamber of Commerce & Industry which she is still a member.


Back to France, Cecile Dekeuwer created and took charge of the legal department of LG Electronics. Her team and her dealt with juridical and related interests for companies such as in contract negotiation, competition law, intellectual and industrial property, environment law, labor law and representation in front of state departments (Customs, DGCCRF, Competition Authority).

In this bi-cultural context, several strong elements of her creed appeared. She believes that law can be used as a lever for development by business and for business. She is also deeply persuaded that each company should forge its own legal strategy and must adapt this strategy to operational issues. At last, she is also convinced by the importance of cultural issues in international affairs.

She was driven by this vision when she started working for Casino Group as the Head of Partnership & Acquisition Department. With a team constituted by 10 legalists and a portfolio of 300 companies, she dealt with issues concerning merger & acquisition, equity and commercial law.


But it is by creating D2K law firm that Cecile Dekeuwer synthesized her dual expertise as a lawyer and legal counselor for business, her skills in international law and her interest in cross-cultural issues.

Cecile Dekeuwer is a member of Paris’ bar (France) and her registration to Montreal’s bar (Canada) is on-going. She holds a master in Business Law and a post-graduate diploma in Corporate Law and Taxation (DJCE), and attended law school in Versailles. Then she followed up a course in Entrepreneurship in EM Lyon Business School.

She is the founding member of Lex in it, a unit of foreign and bicultural lawyers recognized for their international legal business expertise.

She recently became a founding member and President of a European economic interest grouping (EEIG) in renewable energies « Europe energy efficiency expertise » (4E).


She is also an active member of various professional associations such as the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA), the International Commission of Lyon’s bar (CIBLY), the French Institute of Directors (IFA), the Association of in-house counsel (AFJE), the think-tank « La fabrique de l’exportation », OSCI (Opérateurs spécialisés du commerce international) and the international NGO Business & Professional Women (BPW) which she was the founding President in Rhône-Alpes and a member of the International legislation Committee (BPW International).


She is also a teacher in corporate law and trainer in intercultural relations between France-Korea-Canada, for various organizations such as business schools (ISEG), Prepasia and Entrepreneurs TV for which she regularly shoots legal trainings.

In addition to French, her mother tongue she fluently speaks business English, has a German-conversation level and masters basic notions of Korean.

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Mrs. Cecile Dekeuwer

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