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Entrepreneurs regard tax as a critical issue when considering expanding internationally. No matter how the concern is being raised, in the end it all comes down to the following question: Are you an international tax lawyer?


This is a legitimate concern since senior executives’ appetite for risks should result in reaping the benefits of their risk-seeking approach. Note that any tax advice we provide does not only revolve around sole issues on double taxation (tax treaties should always be checked to be sure that you are getting every advantage offered by the targeted foreign country’s treaty with France), but we also advise on French tax law in relation to international business as well as on tax law of the targeted foreign country. Thus, there are three sets of tax rules that come into play: French tax law, the targeted foreign country tax law and international tax law.


Expertise in business taxation is obviously necessary but not always sufficient. In this regard, an international tax counsel should not be overwhelmed by these various and complex tax rules, but rather should be at ease with the various tax systems involved and be able to get clear answers from the tax authorities and provide in turn clear answers to clients’ tax questions, to help them create tax legal structures and strategies to fit their company’s needs and to reduce their worldwide tax liability.


Rules of international taxation are very different, depending on whether or not the subject matter is an EU company. Companies ought to be familiar with all these tax rules in order to avoid being overtaxed or being subject to tax adjustments and penalties. This is why it always makes sense to obtain expert legal advice from an international tax lawyer.


D2K will make available to you international tax lawyers having legal experience in the foreign country where your business is located and having expert knowledge of the French tax laws and regulations, the foreign country’s tax laws and regulations and international tax law.