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Munchen Bar

rechtsanwaltskammerAt its General Meeting of May 9, 2014, the bar of Munich invited lawyers from other European countries. Cecile Dekeuwer represented the bar of Lyon, specifically the International Commission of the Bar of Lyon (CIBLY).

This general meeting was an opportunity to meet many of Munich’s bar 20000 registered lawyers and legal advisers.

The profession of business counsel and lawyer are not incompatible in Germany. The size of the Bar of Munich is explained by the fact that business counsel especially for insurance companies which are an important battalion in the profession, are also registered in Bar as lawyers because there is no specific school to become a lawyer in Germany, as is the case in France.

The major issue discussed at the general meeting deals with the fact that the German administration or more precisely a German court state has recently decided that business counsels had to contribute to the pension plan for employees rather than lawyers, which makes their inclusion in bar inefficient. The profession as a whole has decided to mobilize itself in order that lawyers and jurist in Germany stay under one lawyer status.

Besides the warm welcome she received from her German colleagues, Cecile Dekeuwer appreciated the quality of the debate and its organization.

German’s reputation of enhancing the culture of consensus seemed to be palpable!

For more information: http://rak-muenchen.de/

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